Lynwood Community Adult School, Who Are They???

The Lynwood Community Adult School (LCAS), a division of the Unified School District, provides continuing education in a variety of career & apprenticeship field. Their mission is to encourage, inspire and promote knowledgeable community members, productive employees and lifelong learners.

The Challenge

Tucked away behind Lynwood High School and only accessible through a shared service alley, LCAS primary challenge was helping student find the way to the small campus. The parking situation was also another logistical concerns since it was also shared with the church next door.Due to unique campus layout may student and enrollees were getting lost affecting attendance. Finally, a boost of school pride and splash of the colors couldn’t hurt either...

How We Help

After meeting with The Principal & Assistant we understood their situation and starting developing solutions. Originally PrintCo Direct (PCD) was only called to create some Large Banners to hang along the entrance alley and gate. We surveyed the property and found key junctions where students getting lost or could be directed where to go. Our ultimate goal was remove as many obstacles and facilitate the LCAS’ students vourney to their class/future.We used a combination of Wall Wraps (Wall Murals), Outdoor Banners, Aluminum Signs and A-Frames as wayfinding. Messaging was important, we wanted to be as inspirational but direct and helpful as possible. Our main objective was to remove as many logistical barriers as possible from the students.

The Results

Both students and faculty responsive to the changes and boosted school provide. Students are now finding their way from the parking through the campus to their class which increased attendance and new enrollees found the Administration Office much easier increasing the school enrollment right away. The strategic messaging, strong design / colors and wayfinding system help address three main hurdles the school was facing.

Tools & Skills

  • Wow Factor (Creative Design, Branding Strategy & Messaging)
  • Wayfinding / Directional System
  • Signs, Banners and Wrap
    • Wall Wrap / Mural
    • High Quality Large Outdoor Banners
    • Pole Banners
    • Aluminum Sign
    • A-Frame Sign